FAI Code of Conduct for Coaches
The FAI has developed a very useful and practical booklet for Coaches about how to practically go about living out the Code of Conduct in the week-to-week dealings with children, parents and other community members. It’s the in the PDF document below and is well worth reading.

It talks about:

Football & Young People

A Player Centred Approach
How to Promote Good Practice in creating a Child Centred Approach
What Best Practice Looks Like
Sport For Fun
What Children in Football are Entitled To
What Children Should Commit to
A Coach’s Responsibility to Report
Use of Mobile Phones

FAI Code of Conduct and Good Prectice for Parents/Guardians

Football, like all sports, provides an excellent pathway for children and young people to learn new skills, become more confident and maximise their own potential. Through their participation, they can learn and develop life skills, have fun and enjoyment, make friends and experience life in a way that can enhance their personal growth throughout their lives.
Parents, coaches and administrators all have an important role to play in promoting good practice in children’s sport. They should have, as their first priority, the children’s safety and
enjoyment of the sport.
The FAI want football to be safe, it wants football to be fun and wants to ensure that no matter what level of the game young people are involved in, that it takes place in the spirit of ‘FAIR PLAY’.
Fair play is the guiding principle of the Irish Sport’s Council’s Code of Ethics as well as the FAI’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice programme which is designed to provide guidance for those working with young people in football. It outlines the type of issues that need to be discussed and addressed to provide the safest and most enjoyable environment not only for young people but also the coaches and volunteers involved.

Killeshin FC Club Constitution is available to all members of the club on request from the Club Secretary